The highlights of my day

– Aiden was diagnosed with a double ear infection.

– I made the grave mistake of serving leftover spaghetti for lunch. My kids love spaghetti, and I expect it to be a mess, but today that was taken to entirely new proportions. I went into another room for a couple of minutes when Josh came running up to me: “Aiden’s pwetending to be a baby and fwowing his spaghetti awound.” Oh. my. goodness. Spaghetti was everywhere. The walls, the curtains, shoes, the floor, the chairs. Aiden and Noah (who had gleefully joined in) were orange. Ai was genuinely upset by what he’d done – he saw a video of a baby throwing spaghetti and thought it would be fun, I guess. It may be awhile before we eat that again…

– Noah, who refuses to fully potty-train yet often pulls his diaper down when it is wet, took the opportunity to pee in his trash can tonight… instead of walking a few steps down the hall to the bathroom where I was brushing Aiden’s teeth, and where Noah had just been moments before.

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