It’s midnight.  Our 4 boys are fast asleep.  My husband is at our church building an acacia tree out of PVC and chicken wire. I’m at home doing the usual (dishes, enjoying the late-night quiet, mopping sticky junk off the floor) and the not-as-usual (gathering things like tie-dye duct tape and animal & safari costumes and making packing lists for 2 back-to-back excursions).

The first is Jr. High camp, which is this coming week and has the theme “Summer Safari” (hence the acacia tree for the set and animal/safari costumes).  The boys come to this camp with us and stay with me and generally have the best time of their year.  Last year they regarded camp as even better than our family vacation.  Dan and I are really thankful that we are able to bring them along and do youth ministry more as a family this week.  The Jr. High youth pastor and his wife bring their girls, too, so our kids get to hang out with each other and also have fun with the teens and counselors.  The camp is at a lake in southern Wisconsin and is an absolute blast!  Before getting married and having kids, Jr. High camp was the first thing on my calendar every year.  I. Love. It.  And I am so glad that I get to share it with my own kids (and share them with everyone there!).

We’ll come home from Jr. High camp, have a day to dump our suitcases into the washing machine and re-pack, then take our boys to my parents’ house that evening where they will spend the next week with my parents, sister, and brother who is flying in from CA to help.  Dan and I will wake up at 4 the next morning, go to church and then ride on a bus for 19 hours to Colorado for Sr. High camp (which has a hippie theme, hence the tie-dye duct tape).  Woo-hoo!  I haven’t been to Sr. High camp in years, and am SO excited to be able to go this summer.  Plus I get to be with my husband on my birthday for the first time in 3 years.  I’m also praying that our guys have a great time with my side of the family and are indeed a blessing to them… and that my parents might even consider doing something like this again…

So, it’s been a little crazy.  On top of the general craziness of life with 4 boys.  On that note, some things that Dan or I have said to one or more of our guys in the past few days:

“You may not pee in the front yard!” (this afternoon)

“You can’t just drop your pants and pee in someone’s yard with a bunch of people around. It’s not appropriate.” (this one was at a graduation party on Sunday) (same child)

“You may not pee in the sink!” (tonight) (different child)

“Noah! Do not climb up the bunk bed ladder!”

“I can’t believe I’m mopping the floor for the third time in 48 hours.”

“Why did you color all over your legs with a purple pen?”

“Noah! Do not stand on the kitchen table!”

“Guys, don’t wrestle in the middle of the store.”

“Why did you pour my coffee all over the floor?”

“Noah! Do not stand on the toilet!”

Notice any themes here?  It’s crazy, I tell ya.  But I’m glad for it.  :)

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One Response to Tonight

  1. tiffanynevil says:

    Yay for camp! Jeremy is so funny when he calls me on the phone. Junior High camp is a regular topic of conversation. He SOOOOO wishes he could go. He misses it a lot. I have a feeling next summer he’ll tell me he HAS to go! Do I need a parent release form for a giant 8th grader in a 32 year old’s body? Guess I should ask Otey….

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